Organic Interaction -

Body Mind Centering® und Contact Improvisation Intensive
with Angela-Mara Florant and Jennie Zimmermann


Dates: 30.09.-6.10.
Place: SerVivo, Palmela, Portugal (40min from Lisbon) 


Welcome to a week of research on the connection of BMC® and Contact Improvisation!
Every day we will dive into Body Mind Centering® and develop from there a soft way into Contact Improvisation techniques. Sensing a deep center connection, easy weight shifts into take off and leaving the ground.

How can BMC® enrich our dancing?

In this intensive workshop we will explore Contact Improvisation based on a more refined awareness of our organs. The organs occupy a large space in our body and support our alignment and movement from within.

We will tap into these supportive qualities by focussing our attention on the tone and three-dimensionality of the organs within us.

Cultivating our awareness in this way invites us to come into the moment and turns our dance into a spontaneous, fluid dialogue.


SerVivo is a workshop centre in the Arrábida Nature Parc, 40 minutes from Lisbon. It offers a beautiful space to dance and live together for a week. For people with CI experience!


Price incl. accommodation and meals:

Early Bird until 1.08.2024: 790-490 € sliding scale

Normal starting  2.8.2024: 790-590 € sliding scale

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