Unser Crowdfundingprojekt hat begonnen!
Bitte unterstütze die Contact CompanI:


Dear Supporters, dear friends and family,


Thank you so much for believing in our project "CI50 - back to the roots" and the Contact CompanI! Your support means a lot to us! Because of you we can start our rehearsal residency now!


Due to the pandemic, many of us have had a long period of having very little opportunity to fully engage in our work in Contact Improvisation. Being able to now immerse ourselves in such an intense process means so much to us!


In Contact Improvisation we feel the support of gravity through the floor and through the bodies of our fellow dancers, giving weight, lifting or moving each other through space. Now we also feel the connection to you who are supporting this project and are making it possible for us to have our residency and give performances.


If you want to observe our rehearsal process, you can follow the Contact CompanI and the residency on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Contact-CompanI-103662928951264

or instagram: https://www.instagram.com/contact_compani/


Love from the Contact CompanI!